US Guru Says AUD$ to Fall - Buy Overseas Travel Soon


Paul Gambles, managing partner at advisory firm MBMG International told CNBC's "Asia Squawk Box" on Monday 29Apr that "trying to short the Aussie looks like the trade of the century". If the AUD$ does fall as predicted, overseas travel for Australians will be dramatically more expensive.

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In the worst case scenario, all travel-related expenses which have an original base currency other than the AUD, will be around 50% more expensive in AUD terms, compared to what they are now. To beat the risks, AeroTravel encourages everyone to buy their Christmas holidays overseas travel now, and all overseas travel for 2014 as soon as the new fares are released. Airlines typically release their special fares 9 months in advance and it's not techically possible to book any flight more than 360 days in advance (less with low cost carriers). But cruise lines release their fares 18 months in advance or sometimes even earlier, and although you are not required to pay the full balance yet, in many cases you can lock in a guaranteed fare by paying up early. With Australian-based cruises there is almost no risk, as the original pricing is done in AUD anyway. But if you are thinking of a cruise that starts from an overseas port, like a Caribbean,  Alaskan or a Mediterraean Cruise, most prices are published in USD, and the price you pay is directly at the mercy of the exchange rate. 


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