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Posted date 20.09.2023

Oceania Cruises’ up to 4 Category Upgrade

Upgrade Your View With Oceania Cruises


Oceania Cruises’ UPGRADE SALE is back! Receive UP TO A 4 CATEGORY UPGRADE on an array of select 2023-2024 sailings across

the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Asia, Australia,

New Zealand and more! In addition to this exciting offer, Oceania Cruises is offering 50% REDUCED DEPOSITS for the month of September.

You will also receive more value, greater choice, and more convenience with Oceania Cruises’ simply MORE™ offer. This means more unforgettable travel experiences with FREE shore excursions, more celebratory moments on board with their FREE house select beverage package and greater savings and more convenience with FREE Pre-Paid Gratuities. simply MORE™ has been curated to transform your greatest travel wishes into your next best adventure.

Book before the 1st of October to experience the Finest Cuisine at Sea® and uncover your dream journey in the most exotic and vibrant regions of the world on board Oceania Cruises’ small, luxurious ships.




16 days | 9 March, 2024 | Insignia

You’re unlikely to forget the myriad inspiring sights you’ll experience along this journey, a mesmerizing combination of the Philippines’ secluded beaches,
Taiwan’s futuristic skyscrapers, Borneo’s untamed wilderness and Japan’s gilded temples.
Deluxe Oceanview to Veranda Stateroom
From AU$13,750 AU$10,910
Inside Stateroom to Deluxe Oceanview
From AU$10,910 AU$9,570




10 days | 14 August, 2024 | Vista

Luxuriate in the late summer sun amid a dazzling array of sights, including Cephalonia’s crystalline waters, Amalfi’s legendary rugged coastline and Positano’s brightly hued homes,

which cascade picturesquely toward the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Veranda Stateroom to Concierge Veranda Stateroom
From AU$8,490 AU$8,040
French Veranda to Veranda Stateroom
From AU$8,040 AU$7,440


The Finest Cuisine At Sea®

Culinary Masterpieces

Embark on a journey that satisfies your wanderlust and taste buds with Oceania Cruises’ art of dining. Enjoy a fusion of global influences,

a symphony of flavours, and a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients. Indulge in a culinary experience where each dish is crafted with precision and passion.