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Posted date 22.09.2020

Aero Travel’s Terms and Conditions

1. It is a condition of booking that you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. These Terms and Conditions form an agreement between you (the Client) and us (Aero Travel Pty Ltd), which is governed by the Travel Agents Act 1986 No 5 (NSW).

2. Aero Travel acts as an Authorised Sales Agent on behalf of the actual provider of the travel service (such as the airline, hotel etc), and the service you are buying is always subject to a separate contract between you and the provider of the travel service. Therefore, every time you buy a travel service via Aero Travel, you are bound by two different contracts, a Principal contract between you and the provider (for example, an airline ticket, which is a contract between the passenger and the airline) and an Agent contract between you and us. The Principal contract is governed by the terms and conditions published by the Provider on their website, not on this website. The Agent contract is governed by the the Terms and Conditions on this website, which we may change from time to time with no prior notice.

3. Aero Travel does not guarantee that its airline ticket prices are the same as prices offered by respective airlines directly. They may be lower or higher, depending on the many technical aspects and on the market conditions, which may change daily.

4. The contractual liabilities of us, and of the Provider, only commence once your payment is received in full and once you receive a written confirmation of the Principal contract (e.g. an airline e-ticket).  Please note that without the Principal contract, there is no Agent contract and no liabilities arising from it. Once your payment is received by Aero Travel, and both your contracts are in force, you agree not to cancel or reverse the payment through your bank or card issuer unless you can prove that there is a clear breach of contract either by us or by the Provider.

5. By using this booking service, you indemnify us from and against all actions, claims, liabilities, demands or expenses arising out of or related to using Aero Travel as your booking service.

We as agents cannot be expected to perform any more services, tasks, checks or procedures for your benefit than the respective Provider normally would, should you book with them directly, except in case this additional, elective service is clearly communicated to you by us, and a separate service fee has been charged for performing this additional task.

6. Aero Travel’s role in your booking process is purely technical. We aim to make the procedure more convenient for you, by making the comparing, booking, paying and confirming process as easy and transparent as possible. All services you choose are chosen by you, without our influence. We are not liable for any inconvenience caused or any expense incurred due to the service booked or purchased being unsuitable for your needs, or not matching your expectation.

Our potential recommendation to prefer one provider over another should not influence your independent decision making. Such advice does not count as our professional advice unless we charge professional, non-refundable consulting fees especially for giving such professional advice. When you receive informal advice or recommendations from our staff or from our website free of charge, it does not count as our professional advice and cannot be used against us in case of disputes.

7. All the information we use in our work comes from our partners and service providers and suppliers to whom we are not related in any other way than common trade practices. Aero Travel is not liable and cannot be held responsible for any technical errors in the information received from third parties, and for any unexpected matters due to other circumstances beyond our control.

8. When you travel outside your home country, you must check if you need a visa. A visa, like a passport, is a travel document, which we do not prepare or issue. It is solely your own responsibility to ensure you have a visa to the country of destination and to all the transit countries in your itinerary. Aero Travel is happy to assist you in the process of finding out your visa requirements, but this is a separate service, which is not part of booking and issuing your airline ticket. If you do not ask for our visa assistance or visa consulting, we are not obligated to assist or consult you in this matter. If you do not have a required visa to your destination or your transit point, you will be refused boarding and you may lose up to 100% of the money you paid for your ainline ticket. If the airline refuses to let you board your flight, Aero Travel cannot help you, neither with disputing your boarding rights nor with rebooking you on a different flight free of charge. In such a case you have to purchase a new ticket or apply for the missing visa, or both.

Please note that some countries that may not require a formal visa from you, still have other conditions of entry, which you must find out and adhere to. Typical situations include the need to present evidence of a paid return or onward ticket to a next destination where you have the right to enter, which you can prove to the airline staff or immigration officers. An example of this is flying from Sydney to Fiji for a short holiday, and then on to the US. You may be denied boarding in Sydney if you can’t prove you can enter USA after your holiday in Fiji.

9. When travelling outside your home country, you always need a passport. Aero Travel is unable to assist in any of the passport related matters. Please note that many countries require the passport to be valid for min 6 months from the date of entry to that country, and your passport has to have at least one empty visa page. If not, you may be denied boarding and lose the money paid for the ticket. If the airline refuses to let you board your flight, Aero Travel cannot help you, neither with disputing your boarding rights nor with rebooking you on a different flight free of charge. In such a case you have to purchase a new ticket or get a new passport, or both.

10. Pay Later – Interest Free (PLIF)

Which tickets are eligible: Economy class, international airline tickets (regardless of origin and destination), which are not non-refundable, i.e. which normally carry a penalty fee to be deducted from the price of the ticket before the refund is made to the client. Non-refundable fare type tickets are not eligible. Tickets with a tax-inclusive price less than $1100 are also not eligible. How much is the initial deposit: To secure and issue the ticket, the client must pay a deposit, which equals the above penalty fee, plus the $150 Pay Later Fee, plus $75 Professional Processing Fee (PPF). The minimum deposit is $500, even if the aforesaid formula gives a lower figure. How does it work: The client pays the deposit to Aero Travel and gets a confirmed e-ticket. Aero Travel pays the whole price of the ticket to the airline, not just the deposit. By doing so, Aero Travel is effectively crediting the client with the remaining balance of the full ticket price, interest-free. Two weeks before the departure, client pays the remaining balance to Aero Travel, either by Visa/Master/AMEX (small surcharge), bank transfer or cheque. If the client fails to pay the balance, it’s considered a cancellation request by the client, and Aero Travel cancels the booking and the ticket in the airline reservation system. Client loses only the deposit paid, and pays no further penalties or fees. The balance, if any, later refunded by the airline, belong to Aero Travel.
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