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Posted date 22.09.2020

Our fees and charges

1. The Credit Card Surcharge, which is added to the total transaction amount — Visa 1.3%, Mastercard 1.3%, Amex 2%. These low fees reflect our actual net cost of using the credit card merchant facility, owned by the bank.

Please note the above fees apply when Aero Travel Pty Ltd is the credit card merchant. In cases where the airline agrees to be the card merchant and the money moves from your account to the airline directly, the CC surcharge is a fixed fee, typically between $0 and $50, depending on the airline and other factors beyond our control. All fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice.

2. Professional Processing Fee (PPF)
Normal fee $75 per passenger.

What’s included: Searching for available seats across several days, possible routings and different flights; Entering traveller details in the booking; Confirming the booking with the airline; Researching the fare rules, especially regarding cancellation and change policy set by the airline, and informing the client respectively; Making unlimited date and flight number changes in the booking before the ticket issue deadline; Issuing the e-ticket on behalf of the airline; Collecting the payment from the passenger and forwarding it to the airline; Quality control and post-purchase monitoring of airline-imposed changes in the booking.

What’s not included: Name changes; Special, oversize or overweight baggage processing; Pet processing; Any changes to the booking after the e-ticket is issued; Travel insurance cover; Complex itinerary building service; Destination research service; Other services not mentioned as being included.

When is it waived: When the client books other services (hotel, car, insurance etc) via Aero Travel for the same trip, for at least half price of the international airfare booked. Or when the booking is made online via or websites.

3. Booking Holding Fee (BHF)
Normal fee $75 per passenger.

What’s included: Keeping the confirmed booking live until the deadline set by the airline, which can be either set in the fare rules, or inserted in the booking file by the airline space control, whichever is earlier; Monitoring the deadline and contacting the client in time to allow the payment to be processed in time (using a credit card). Typical maximum holding time for international bookings in discounted economy class is 48 hours, but this varies greatly by the airline and depends on how close to the travel date the booking is made.

What’s not included: Making a new booking to replace the old one, which was auto-cancelled at the deadline as unticketed; Negotiating with the airline to extend the deadline; Reinstating a booking which is cancelled by the airline before the deadline because the client has made a duplicate booking with another agent (including online portals); other services not mentioned as being included.

When is it waived: When the customer books and pays for the ticket during the same day, during normal working hours. Or when the booking is made online via or websites.