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Posted date 21.09.2020

Use flexible Personal Booking Service

Our expert consultants are waiting to help you with bookings that meet your personal requirements

If you need a complicated itinerary, a multi-airline combination, or a remote destination never advertised on billboards, chances are you can get a better deal by NOT doing it yourself on the Internet. Read on to find out why.

Here are the main aspects how our experts could get you a better deal:

  • Using unpublished fares (WOMO, Corporate, Promo, etc), which airlines often have but cannot release to the general public due to marketing or legal reasons.
  • Combining points/award tickets with normal tickets, to form one trip, enabling both (unrelated) airlines to see each other’s flights.
  • Deducting airport and departure taxes you’re entitled to exempt from your ticket price, depending on the ticketing arrangement, routing, legal status etc.
  • Using market-specific discount fares originating from another country, which you can’t see in your normal online fare search. This is also known as cross border ticketing.
  • Using back-to-back, separate tickets to get from A to B.

Did you know that all Internet booking engines (except for the single airline ones) are operated by travel agents (i.e. non-airline companies that hold a travel agency license). So by going “direct” on the Internet, you are not cutting out any middlemen, contrary to the popular belief. You are only cutting out a human interface and the FREE after-sale service.